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I know I am splitting hairs here. I don't think the Necromorphs are true zombies. They seem to be the worker-bees for some higher inelligences.
Much like the Aliens from, well... Aliens. The Bugs from Starship Troopers. Unless the Necromorphs attack anything, and everything that moves. Then they would be Zombies. However, if they don't attack things like the bigger monsters.
Uh, not sure exactly what you mean there. Far as I know, there isn't really anything other than humans and necromorphs in Dead Space, and the Necromorphs do pretty relentlessly attack the humans in much the way you'd expect of zombies. It's really hard to legitimately describe the Necromorphs as anything other than zombies in space, really. That is pretty explicitely what they are.
Though the general Necromorph forms aren't really so far gone that you could say they are really that far above a human, as it's quite doable for a plucky survivor to punch, kick and mash his way through a room or two of them if he's desperate enough. It's just that if you don't have the right tools to stop them, it's an exhausting and dangerous pass-time and requires a certain level of deliberate, concious effort in your violence that other zombies can't be expected to manage.

Given their extreme durability and generally greater than average dangerousness though, I do think it's fair to say that they are simply not welcome in this weight catagory. Objectively, The Flood are a slightly similar situation, but they emphasise the Zombie side of things a lot less than the Necromorphs to my mind, stylistically. It's still present, though. I'm not seeing any real zombie theme in the blacklight virus thing, but having not played the game it's hard to say. It'd certainly be a fair target for bumping to another zombie-weight-classification, if they even are supposed to be a type of zombie.