I Need a Hero (post-script):
My name is Erin Watson, and I've been having a weird couple of days.
This...transformed state of mine...I seem able to return to it without too much trouble. Like a superhero. I found a secluded spot to run a few tests in, and the Boomstaff (that's what I'm calling it) seems to work just the way my instincts told me it would. Which I guess means that next time, I CAN shoot the gangsters without worries.
I still need to get in touch with that guy, find out how well his mother is doing. How well HE is holding up. He was so furious - understandably so. I hope he isn't doing something stupid.
I've been trying to find information online about this. That...MIGHT take a while, but I'm gonna keep trying. There's got to be an explanation to this. So much of what I'm doing lately defies our current understanding of science...this suggests that there's SO MUCH MORE left to find out! That bit is actually pretty exciting.
I wonder if there's an...INTENT behind my powers? Did someone or something deliberately give them to me? Am I supposed to be San Diego's resident superhero, patrolling the streets? Not enough data. I should...
...Ergh, right now, I should try to get some sleep. I'll probably be dreaming about this all night, too.

((Probably gonna end up having her visit to the Dreamlands. We can play it or have it happen off-screen, whichever you think works best...but one way or another, Erin's gonna need the Queen to give her some explanations. XD ))