Miriam keeps hugging tight Mary, caressing her head as she sobs. She does not have even the energy to get angry. She is exhausted emotionally. She is thinking, 'if he did this to me and Mary, how many other simple farm girls who know nothing did he play that game to? How can St. Cuthbert let it happen?'

She whispers 'He never went for the Mace. He told me that was his biggest failure. I am afraid he abandoned you. He must have gotten what he wanted.'

She stops knowing she is destroying that woman's past and life the was her past has been destroyed. 'Why does it hurt so much to live a lie?'

When Mary mentions her son again, she whispers 'Listen, I am with a group of good people. We are in the process of helping Linwood survive. Once this is accomplish, I will try to convince them to help Hulburg with the Ogres issues and see if we can bring back your son. If not I will go alone and hired some sellswords.'

She tries to comfort Mary 'Listen Mary, you are a good person. You can, no you should move on. We will find your son. Remember, you now have a friend in me. I will be here for you.

She says too herself 'Why is it so easy for me to say it to her but impossible to believe it about me?'