New Race: Spiritfolk

Spiritfolk/Aasimar were one my list quite some time, but now I think I've found a way to make a full society and culture of them instead of just individuals found in humanoid villages, or single clans that have fey blood in their ancestry.

Spiritfolk are the descendants of shie and mortal humanoids, mostly wood elves, dark elves and kass. Since shie are magical beings, they are genetically compatible with many other creatures and it seems that half-shie are completely compatible with each other, even if their mortal parents are not. Sometimes this compatibility extends even to the children of half-shie and humanoids. Also there are some lineages that show features of oni and [charr/minotaurs].
As a result the physical appearance of spiritfolk varies greatly. Most have the general body structure of elves and humans, which is also shared by shie, but often stand a full head over most humanoids. Most striking are the unusual colors of their bodies, with skin often being almost white or black, many shade of brownish oranges and greens, and sometimes bluish grey. Some have spotted patterns of contrasting color that appear to be unique to every individial. The colors of eyes and hair can be of similar unusual shades. Some have small horns on their foreheads and teeth that slow a slight hint of fangs.
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Being quite rare, spiritfolk have few settlements and most are small villages or hunting camps. When traveling in the lands of other people, they usually wear sand colored clothing that covers the entire body and often includes hoods, but it is mostly out of tradition and won't hide their nature at closer distances when their height becomes apparent and their faces can be seen. Still people seem to react even much more uncomfortably when the full extend of their unusual coloration and other strange features is openly displayed, so they remove their cloaks and robes only when there aren't any strangers nearby.

While of similar height as kaas, spiritfolk tend towards much more slender physiques, but the two races are different even more when it comes to behavior. While kaas tend to be somewhat reserved and restrain displays of their emotions, spiritfolk strongly lean towards much more passionate personalties. Many are of a calm demeanor and tend to be polite and highly intelligent, but a certain lack of restraint seems to run the entire race. When spiritfolk are happy or angry, it is usually not hard to tell and they are easily getting rushed which also tends to make them bit reckless. Becomming outright foolish and ignorant of danger is rare, but emotional outbursts are very common.

Most spiritfolk that visit the settlements of other people are at least semi-nomadic, traveling the land for months or sometimes years before returning to their primary strongholds. While traveling, they sometimes let themselves be hired as mercenaries and make some extra coin by deciphering ancient writings or identifying fey artifacts. However the quality of their information can vary greatly, as it is a common misconception that they are still in regular contact with shie and other spirits. While this sometimes is the case, most rely on accounts passed down from their ancestors which are of questionable accuracy.

Spiritfolk are not intended as a regular PC race, regardless of where the campaign starts. If they are made an option of players, it should be because of special considerations specific to the individual campaign.
Spiritfolk will almost certainly have a lower number of class levels for any given level of character progress.