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    In Sleep He Sang To Me
    Now, with the hostages - relatively - safe, Shirley can finally concentrate on solving the main problem... She takes a quick look at Holmes, to make sure she won't mess with his actions, then raises her weapon again.
    With the effect her last hit had caused, it doesn't take long to decide on a place to strike; in fact, even as she goes for the creature's neck, her mind is already occupied by the questions she's going to ask after it ends than by the fight itself.
    The most important of these questions being, naturally, "What does that all mean?", followed by, "where exactly I am? Well, besides 'in a dream', I mean?" and "what happens now - what can Moriarty be up to?"

    ((Should the creature actually perish, she's going to ask Holmes all that. If not - well, she'll still ask them later.))
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