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    Death Masks
    There aren’t any more things around, at least as far as Mia can tell. The box lets out a puff of smoke when prodded, then another. The sheer sight of it is enough to fill the girl with a sense of foreboding, and even though it no longer moves she can’t shake the feeling that the mask is looking at her. In fact, when the lights flicker back to life, she can see the gleam of lenses behind the sockets.

    There's a light there. A tiny red dot that blinks several times, and then goes dim.

    ((Do your choice is, you can either keep the box and mask, or you can destroy them. They’re not completely dormant, but they don’t seem immediately hostile.))

    In Sleep He Sang to Me
    When the weapon is impaled in the thing’s neck it writhes, squirming back and forth madly as more ugly ripples pass across it’s flesh. It lets out one terribly scream, and then crashes to the floor once again.
    The crowd is gone now, having vanished from Shirley’s mindscape.

    Sherlock remains, the man lowering his weapon slowly. He sticks his pipe back into his mouth as he turns to look at the girl, commenting,
    “Excellent work, Watson.” Anything else he might be intending to say is cut short. The body of the monster erupts in a flash of light. Hot, violent light, and it’s over.

    Shirley is lying in her bed, alone in her room. She’s enfolded in her Regalia, and in one hand she grasps a magnifying glass in a white-knuckled grip.

    Things have changed.

    Music: Fragile - Tron Legacy

    ((That’s it! The next time Shirley sleeps she’ll be taken to an audience with her Queen to learn the gist of what she is. She’ll also meet Holmes again fairly often when she dreams. Despite his best efforts, no trace of Moriarty is to be found.))

    Me and Gravity
    Marisol stays with Nerissa like that for hours. It seems to help, and Nerissa can wash away her fears and despair, for the moment. She agrees eventually to go away from the bridge, following along, still sobbing occasionally. It barely even occurs to her to ask why the Princess is dressed so, nor consider why. She'll accept any offer presented.

    And the woman in black merely goes on her way, vanishing across the arc of the bridge, leaving no reminders of her presence. Today she's lost, but there are always other days.

    Music: Fragile - Tron Legacy

    ((The next time Nerissa sleeps she'll be taken to an audience with her Queen and learn basically what she's supposed to be doing and what she is. I think that's it for this, but you can add whatever you'd like to do with Marisol for now. Nerissa will have the next week to learn about herself and all her tricks.))

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