Miriam listens to the description, making mental notes if she can.

"It is OK, Sister. It is not your fault. He never had it with him when he was with me. Not sure what has happened to it. But right now it is none of your concerns.'

She stops as she noticed something in Mary's speech pattern. "Can I ask you a question. You keep saying "I am an orphan who known little of those things. Is this what Calric kept telling you. Because he kept telling me every time I disagree with him or did not want to do something that I was a simple farm girl who knows nothing and he is an wiser elder and must obey his orders and wishes. I always gave in and now I say it a lot as I ended up believing it.'

As the horses are healed, Miriam suggests to Mary that they go back to her place. On the way out of the stabbles, she will ask a squire. "Good Kind Squire, can I ask you a favor in the name of St. Cuthbert? Can you tell the group of adventurers that just arrived in town and own these horses that they have been healed and if they are looking for me Miriam, I will be with Lady Mary. Thank you."