I Need a Hero (epilogue)
My name is Erin Watson, and I'm reincarnated nobility from a past version of reality before it got rebooted by the metaphysical forces of evil.
Yeah. Processing that has been taking the better part of my week.
I still need some time to think about it all. The things I've learned about the meta-History of the world...The things I've seen in the Dreamlands...My powers...The Darkness, the Twilight Queens...The Queen of Diamonds...My duties...
Gotta say, the Queen of Diamonds was...interesting. Quite the character. I'm still wondering how accurate the things I've been told are...I mean, I've found no real inconsistencies, but still. More importantly, though...I am now tasked with power and responsibility for saving the world. I mean, more so than before.
I'm still trying to figure out what to do. Create some Princess task force for eliminating Darkness targets in California? Patrol the streets in my futuristic getup, dispensing vigilante justice against street crime? Become a teacher?
In the more immediate term, however, there's someone I need to check up on. He's supposed to be with his mom right now, so...

Hiding in an unwatched corner of the hospital, Erin transformed into her Princess form, and set out to find the boy and his mother.