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    Default Re: Fairy Tail II: Second Generation Thread Slayers

    Ok, that was quite a surprise. And kind of disappointing since we know hardly anything new concerning... well, anything but ST. As interesting as that was.

    I guess Sting could plead self defense or something like that here... Who knows what that **** would have done next. he just took... the safest course of action. I like how Rouge jumped to protect Frosch. So cute. Though, I'd not be surprised if he didn't somehow survive... seems way to easy to finish him off. Then again Makarov nearly died to... what was that guys name? The one Phantom Lord.

    Otherwise... we will apparently get some interesting stuff on dragons soon. That's pretty much it...

    anime spoilers

    So... Michelle/Imitatia was a DOLL. An effing doll. Okay, I can see a filler not being on par with the main arc but I call major BS on that one. Thanks guys, thanks a lot.
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