Death Masks

Mia exhaled in relief when the thing didn't exploud or something, and took the time to finally survay herself now that she had a chance to take a breather; which surprised her, mostly because she wasn't panicking, calling her parents or smashing the thing to bits out of principal. Everything just seemed so...calm all of the sudden; she barely winced when the lights came back. It felt nice, even if she still had no idea how or why she was wearing this; let alone where the uniform had come from or how she knew to use the cards. That said, she did approve of her new clothes.

That's when she turned back to the thing and saw it; it was staring at her, she could feel it. Mia tapped on the case on her side, releasing a trio of cards which flew to her hand, and prepared to deal the finishing blow.

This thing had just tried to kill her, and scared the living crap out of her no more than a minute ago; a fact that surprised her. Now her attacker sat a few meters away, blinking at her on the floor; a helpless paper weight, easy pickings for her. Just like she'd been to it moments ago. Yet her hand felt heavy for the moment as she stared at the pitiful little thing in front of her.

She mauled over options in her head as she stared back at the thing; surprised by how calmly she was dealing with this. It wasn't until the things eyes stopped flashing that she finally made her choice. She took a few additional steps back for safety, before flicking her cards at the abominable machine.