Everyone has finished their preludes. Anyone who had one gains +1 XP.[/CENTER]

Death Masks
The cards cut through the machine like a knife through butter, shredding the metal and returning to Mia’s hand once it’s been sliced into pieces. There’s another spark, and half of the device erupts into a tiny explosion. A cloud of black smoke passes over her, fades into the air around. What remains is a twisted heap of steel and a chipped off chunk of white porcelain from the mask. She’s left with just slag, and nothing else.

She can feel things are different now. The inner light burning inside her has come to life, and all the power it brings is available to her. The rest of the night, though, will go as usual. She’ll be picked up, she’ll go home, she’ll sleep. When she does she’ll dream of many things, vivid dreams of palaces and queens, courts and duties.

Music: Fragile - Tron Legacy

((Next time Mia sleeps she’ll be taken to an audience with her Queen and be given the basic rundown of her new purpose in life. This is it for your prelude. I feel like I didn’t give you a great one, but I’ll try my best to make up for it in game.))

I Need a Hero (epilogue)
Asking around gets Erin the hospital, and she'll find the boy is there, keeping his mother company. She's still recovering, but the injuries will last for quite some time. No other family seems available to visit.

He has no desire to talk should she attempt it, and she'll be escorted out since you're not a member of the family. Some things take time.

((I am a stone! You shall not draw blood from me!

If you want to keep visiting you can, but for this first week you're not going to make much progress. When the game starts proper then you might. I am a horrible monster, I know.))