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    A swear below his lips as he turns to the man who met him at the doorway,

    "Tell me, how long has she shown signs of ailment? Ye' seem to have been awake for quite awhile. Also, if ye' can think of anything that may have lead up to her condition."

    He would then move over by the child's side, kneeling by the bed as he would begin a basic examination of the girl. Fever, rashes, unusual breathing. Whatever could tell him the severity of her condition. He would prefer to approach this without magic if he could, afterall mankind becomes dependant on what they believe is an infinite source.

    The questions were more or less a formality, a way to take family and friend's minds off of the patient, and keep them out of his way while making them feel useful. After all, a fretting mother was ten times as dangerous to a wounded or ill girl than the condition itself.
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