Things have been different ever since the transformation, though. The Hopeful can feel the passion of the people around them burn like fire, or chill like ice. When they’re happy the Hopeful can feel it in their bones, and it’s wonderful. That doesn’t happen very often. Mostly it’s pain, anger, fear, despair. A whole week of adjusting to that, trying to fight it where they can, little candles in the storm. Each of them has a purpose now, at least, and a will to go out and do it.

Today was a normal day. Classes, lunch, schoolwork. Friends and brief bits of gossip throughout the day. The boy Erin saved before still isn’t at school. The rest of the gymnastics team ambushes Mia at lunch to discuss their next meeting. Marisol joins Nerissa for lunch, while Kim witnesses an irritated teacher sentencing a large number of students to detention. Someone throws a wad of paper at the back of Shirley’s head while she’s reading. Sola and Shina are invited to a party later on in the week. Nothing too different from any other day.

After school all of the girls have their own reasons for staying after. It's several hours past the time the classes should be over. The clubs and after school activities have been left out, and only a skeleton crew of staff still remains at the school.

All at once, all of them sense something not right. An ugly feeling in the pit of the stomach, hairs standing on end, a brief nausea. It’s following instantly by a sound, a sharp crack that echoes across the open courtyard. Every one of them can hear it, and the general direction it comes from. The same direction the source of the unpleasant feeling is coming from.

((This Is where things get fun. Here is a map of the school. The source of the disturbance is in one of the rooms in Building 800. You can write yourself being wherever and staying after school for whatever reason. Everyone will roll Dexterity+Athletics. You will arrive at the scene in that order.

We will be rolling for things now. You all also get a full pool of Wisps, because I'm very nice.))