Mia sighed as she finished locking up the club room, just her luck to have lost her bet and gotten stuck closing up shop by herself. On her way out she couldn't help but stare at the spot where she had destroyed that...thing. Even after talking around in her court she wasn't sure what that thing was; though most had agreed she'd handled it well enough given her inexperience. More than a few had cracked up by the time she mentioned the shadowy tendrils. Her court was certainly weird, but fun. Moreover she enjoyed her transformed self, it was sort of like a vacation from herself in a way. It was peaceful, yet invigorating; even if she would eventually she'd be in over her head.

They'd helped her through the first week, and finding the forums had been...interesting to say the least. She hadn't realized there were so many others that had blossomed like her over the years. She hoped to find SOMEONE who had an idea where the thing she had come from, bit sadly had yet to get an answer.

Her reminiscing was sadly cut short by the sudden tidal wave of nausua that hit her. The queen had warned her about this, she had been dreading it really; but it seemed that fate had decided that it was time she faced her royal duties.

Mia took a deep breath and stashed her things before transforming in privacy; welcoming the clarity and warmth of her externalized light, before running off towards the source. Readying herself for what was to come.


DEX +ATH+ARIA: (9d10)[1][8][9][3][1][1][9][3][4](39)