That last week was... weird. But, however weird it was, Shirley did enjoy the benefits of her hew position - that clarity of thought that came with it, and the ability to speak with the police - and be actually treated seriously - was really nice (and yes, she did test it in field conditions... with caution). And, while she hadn't had much chance to socialize with other Radiants outside of the dream-visits to the Court, knowing they ARE there was nice.

Of course, Radiants weren't the only thing that were there, the reminder came with crystal clarity as Shirley was reading outdoors - and these other things were... less nice.

Shirley tossed the book aside and jumped to her feet, ready to run to investigate the source of wrongness... then, picked the book again, carefully placed it into her bag and walked to the B800, with hurry, but not so much as not to make a short detour to transform in private.

Does the -1 for lacking dots in Athletics apply here? If so, disregard the second die.