Erin started making her way from the library to the debate team, lost in thought.
Prior to her Blossoming, she had (in what she suspected was not an entirely atypical messiah complex for her age) considered it her duty to use her brains and non-apathy to make the world a better place. Nowadays, she mostly wondered how her powers figured into the equation. She actually hoped to get the debate team to help her out, with the subject she had in mind - "What could superheroes do in the real world?".
Duties aside, her Blossoming had been pretty amazing. Discovering something so big and vast...There was so much left to understand, to figure out, about her abilities, about the Dreamlands, about the universe! And not to forget, she had saved two lives in her first minute as a Princess. So, all in all...despite all the stress and doubts and concerns...She had considered this the best week of her life. Then again, Spider-Man loved his powers when he first got them, didn't he?
And then she heard the scream. Other thoughts were pushed to the side as she ran toward the source.

Should I remove dice due to having no Dots in Athletics? If not, here's the roll: