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    Running made her feel good. It helped cleanse the stain of unhappiness and negative emotions that seemed to congeal over her mind recently. Every time school ended, she had to wash her head with exhausting physical activities. Which is why she was now inside the gym, running circles and trying to empty her mind.
    She was not wasting time anyway; sports would prove very useful to her new mission, she was sure of it. She needed to be fit and athletic, always on the edge, ready to blast away the darkness. She could not afford weakness. Nor could she afford to throw her studies away, but choices were for losers. She could do it all.

    Her pace slowed suddenly as a dark pressure seized her stomach; she stopped, looking around - and then was the sound. A chill raised goosebumps all over her body, and she took off running. Whatever that was, it couldn't be good.


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