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    Quote Originally Posted by theDuskling View Post
    bad feats work quite well with e6 since if you really want to max out a specific field you ll need all of them in the long run.

    i ve never taken the 3 hp toughness feat in normal dnd, but in e6 its quite handy to take it at level one telling oneself, "hey you cannot take the wrong feats in the long run and with lvl 1 this one is quite nice".
    Quote Originally Posted by Gnorman View Post
    Scaling feats are a great idea, but they do run somewhat contradictory to E6 principles - if you get a theoretically infinite amount of feats, they don't need to be all that great on their own. I remain torn on their use - some feats are so crappy that they just beg for scaling, and that may be justification enough. But they're more applicable in situations where feats are rare resources, therefore necessitating the boost.
    Also, some of the original feats for E6 were designed to be quite powerful but balanced by having "dump" prerequisites. Homebrewers have a lot of flexibility coming up with their own feats with prerequisites like the +2-to-one-save feats, or +2-to-two-skill feats.

    I still think that the scaling feats idea has its place. Just not in E6.
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