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Thread: DnD/DM Noob Seeking Advice.

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    As a fellow D&D noob, I'll give four tips that should help-
    1. As others have said, don't bother with maps unless for combat. Even then, an A4 sheet of drawn on squares is good enough. Well, maybe more than one will work better. For minitures, cuting out circles of card might work as additional troops. My DMs got all these cardboard circles that I think came with the monster vault, which are pretty easy to use except you can never find the ones you want.
    2. Don't be afraid to create your own stuff, just check it carefully against existing monsters. It might go horribly wrong, but it should help you understand the rules a bit better (and maybe saveyourself some money)
    3. To make powers easier, use something like this:
    It should mean the players write down everything they can use on a few sheets of paper and won't have to look it up, hopefully encouraging them to unleash some real might on their enemies. There's barely any space on the actual character sheets.
    4. I had this interesting (here meaning unproven, theoretical) idea to make character creation with regards to roleplaying much easier and automatic.
    What you do is get players to write down their parents, maybe any other family, their hometown/city/village or at least something vague about where they come from and their motivation (why are they adventuring ect?). You might think of some other stuff.
    My theory is it should get them thinking about their characters as people, and while you're not forcing them to do much they may work out more character details as they think about it.
    Also, you know some names if you want to do something more personal to a character, eg they have to save their hometown or rescue their brother. That would be a fun adventure!
    Roleplaying for the inexperianced!

    Anyway, the rest of the people here know what they're talking about. You'll be fine.
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