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I was thinking about you yesterday, and it occurred to me that you are a skilled writer, and one with something to write about. I think you'd excell as a writer.

I realize this is not what you dreamed about. But do consider it as a "for now" kind of hobby. It might provide some insight and direction.
I have (and still am) considered(ing) it. I'm currently working on finding an outlet for an essay I wrote on the things they never tell you about going to school with a disability, and while I write in fits, I do keep returning to it.

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Meanwhile ... do I really need to tell you not to hit the sauce?
No, you don't. I was mostly joking; I have a gene variant that makes getting properly drunk very uncomfortable. While I've found some alcohol helps take the edge off my social anxiety enough to introduce myself to people, I think the anxiety I'm feeling about talking to my advisor is undullable.

On a more positive note, I may have made a contact about a job today at training for the new museum exhibit I'll be volunteering at. The exhibit is about race, and we had a lady from the YWCA come in to talk about how to talk about race. It's a topic I'm very interested in, and she was impressed with my knowledge and enthusiasm. I hope I'm not reading too much into it, but she asked whether I was in school or working (I'm not) and said to call her. Fingers crossed, I guess.