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    Nerissa waved goodbye to Marisol, watching the girl cheerfully walk off. She seemed much happier since the bridge incident. Talk about a load off her shoulders. She still kept a close eye on her -- looking for any relapses in her behavior. Folding her arms across her chest she leaned against her locker and sighed. The other, much stranger thing that occurred during the incident still stuck with her. As did the dream she'd had afterwards. The woman who identified herself as the Queen of Hearts had kindly explained Nerissa's new position in the world to her. She was a Princess -- and she was now saddled with powers that would allow her to change things for the better. It was a lot to process, but she'd shakily accepted.

    Now she had to deal with the range of emotions she picked up from those around her. It all proved to be quite overwhelming. Nerissa was seeing sides of people they normally wanted to keep hidden. It felt... almost wrong. But still there was some good to be found. If she could really help people -- mend their broken hearts and dreams -- then she could deal with the day to day issues of being a Princess brought on.

    The Debate Club was meeting up after school. She was feeling pretty tired, and considered skipping out. But that wouldn't have been fair to the other members. She'd grin and bear it. Sighing, she'd just pushed herself off the locker when there was a scream that shook her to the very core. "What...?" She went still, turning in the direction it came from. And that's when she felt it. A profound sense of wrongness that absolutely made her teeth rattle. Steeling her nose, she took off, running with all she had.


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