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Then why not just remove Encumbrance from the game?

Rather than have twist realism into a horrible knot to justify an unrealistic mechanic, just don't model it at all in the core rules. If they take the time to model how much a typical human can carry, it's sort of weird that they're use such arbitrary numbers (not just for carrying capacity, for weapon weight and other aspects as well). They could just say "what a character can carry should be kept reasonable, and the DM may rule that a heavily overburdened character has Disadvantage under certain physical checks". Giving out precise rules for it which are silly from a realism standpoint doesn't make sense to me, as it's grating to people who care about logistics in game (as the numbers are weird) and the exact same to people who don't care (as they'll do their own thing anyway).
Not wanting exacting detail of every pound carried is not the same thing as not concerned about it at all. The rules should be enough to explain that a character cannot carry 5 great axes, 4 great swords, 3 suits of platemail, 2 chests of goldpieces, and a partridge in a pear tree. It's not necessary to account for every pound, how it's carried, where it's carried, how easy or difficult it is to reach a specific item, etc. For those who want such exacting detail an optional rules supplement module is fine. We can both have our way.