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...valid point about this being a fantasy rpg...
How about this then for a simple formula. 10x Str to encumber. That number x Str bonus (min 2)= Max lift.
So at Str 10, encumbrance at 100 lbs, lift 200. At Str 3, encumbered at 30, Max 60. At Str 20, encumbered at 200, Max 1000.

I think this particular issue is important, especially because it is the only quantitative tie to ability scores.

I'd rather see the formula as Str x 5 for encumbered, and Str bonus x 2 (min 2).

That means encumbered characters all over the place, yes, but they should be. I can see a trained person moving pretty well with armor and gear, but the guy next to him in shorts and a t shirt is going to move better.