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How about this then for a simple formula. 10x Str to encumber. That number x Str bonus (min 2)= Max lift.
So at Str 10, encumbrance at 100 lbs, lift 200. At Str 3, encumbered at 30, Max 60. At Str 20, encumbered at 200, Max 1000.

I think this particular issue is important, especially because it is the only quantitative tie to ability scores.

I'd rather see the formula as Str x 5 for encumbered, and Str bonus x 2 (min 2).

That means encumbered characters all over the place, yes, but they should be. I can see a trained person moving pretty well with armor and gear, but the guy next to him in shorts and a t shirt is going to move better.
I like it. It's simple, it gets the same range across well, and if you let the attributes scale above 20 (another DDN design decision I am very opposed to) it lets strength scale very quickly. Maybe make it strx5 for max before encumbered, strx10 for max encumbered, and multiply by str bonus for max lift.

Let's see
Max Unencumbered/Encumbered/Lift

Your system:

The numbers fit reasonably well for the 10-20 range within human capability. The encumbered numbers are reasonable enough; a little more lenient than 3e. The encumbrance values don't scale as quickly past that as it does in 3e, but by the time you get to those strength values it doesn't matter much anyway since you do have extra-dimensional space.

On the other hand, the max lift keeps up nicely, and something equally simple like a x3 multiplier can be added for max push/drag, which means high strength characters still have something to add to exploration, namely the ability to easily move around extremely large things.