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    In the courtyard of the B800 building, between the parallel rows of green and white structures, a conflict is taking place. A man is crawling across the dirt, bent and bleeding, leaving a trail of crimson behind him.

    Clustered around him are four figures composed of rotting black skin, vaguely humanoid, but too tall and too thin, their fingers ending in vicious claws. It may take a moment to realize that they arenít actually attacking the man, but just the opposite. They seem to be defending him, huddled in a wall around him as he drags himself away.

    What they stand facing is another man, a tall fellow dressed in dirty street clothes. Heís got a gun in hand, and seems to be leveling it in the general direction of the man surrounded by the murky looking zombies. The weapon is, unlike his attire, of fairly good make. It even has a silencer on the barrel, very professional.

    ((Alright, hereís how itís going to go. Those that scored the highest on their athletics checks will roll initiative and enter the first round. After the first round everyone who scored poorly will enter the second round.

    We are now entering the first round. The posting order is:
    Initiative Rolls
    Injured Man: 14
    Sola: 14
    Mia: 12
    Marionette III: 11
    Kim: 10
    Gunman: 9
    Marionette II: 8
    Marionette IV: 8
    Marionette I: 5

    Everyone else will roll into init on the next round. Shirley is going to be last in round 2 no matter what, because she was walking (and if she was running she critical failed, so!)))

    The injured man is still furiously crawling away by the time that Mia and Kim make it to the scene. Heís mumbling something that they canít hear, his face pressed nearly to the ground and his voice so low. He hasnít even recognized the presence of those approaching yet, so frantic is he to crawl his way across the gravel.
    ((Accumulated success: 1. Ignore the attack roll on Mia. I flubbed initiative and though the Marionette went first.)

    When the transformed figure of Mia appears thereís an immediate reaction from the shambling guardians. A low, agitated growling passes between them. There are a few things that might be words, but not in any tongue anyone is familiar with. Several turn toward her, empty eyes staring.

    ((Current situation: 4 shadow zombies are protecting 1 injured man crawling away while another is aiming a gun at him.

    Shadows have 2 defense (-2 to your attack roll)
    Gunman has 4/3 defense (-4 vs melee, -3 vs ranged)
    Injured Man has 1 defense (-1 to your attack roll)

    Next is: Kim))
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