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Most people are going to ignore encumbrance rules anyway. That means that (if they still do the "module" thing that we've seen no sign of in playtest) encumbrance should be an optional module. However, for the sake of people that like encumbrance rules, this module should then make sense; otherwise there's no point in having it.
In my experience, encumbrance is hand-waved most of the time, but invoked under special circumstances. Nobody's gona care about that Bobs character put three flasks of lamp oil in his backpack, but if he tries something like this "So, there are three suits of Fullplate in the Armory, you say? Great and stuff them into my backpack and..." the likely response of the DM is something along the lines of "Hold on a second. They don't fit into your backpack. Besides, what's your carrying capacity?"

So, uhm.. I agree that if there are rules for encumbrance at all, they should make at least a bit of sense.