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    Quote Originally Posted by 1337 b4k4 View Post
    Actually, according to the d20 srd, a dire rat grows to about 4 feet long and weighs over 50 pounds. And that's listed as a smal l creature. In the D&D Next packet, it's listed as a medium sized creature. So it's really more like you getting killed by an average sized pit bull (30-60 pounds). One thing that I think makes D&D's fragile characters so odd to so people is that we're generally very well protected against the dangers nature poses to us on a day to day basis. Nature is vicious and will kill you without remorse given the opportunity, and there are a number of small things, smaller than corgis, which will lay down even the strongest of men without modern medical attention.
    It is my belief that a particularly determined grey squirrel could take down the average American. (Specifically because I'm not familiar with other people, just my neighbours and classmates.)

    Quote Originally Posted by Knaight View Post
    The thing about this is that it is more like getting killed by an average sized pit bull while armed and armored, except for instead of being a predatory pack hunter it is instead an over sized scavenger. A pit bull attack is a scary dangerous thing when you're wearing normal clothing and have a pocket knife at best. When you're carting a sword around and are armored from head to toe it's not nearly as much of a problem.
    Well, if you're armed and armoured and well-rested, sure, that dire rat isn't particularly threatening. If you're not well-trained with that weapon (low levels or nonproficient) or already exhausted (low hit points), then it's not that much of a stretch to have a dire rat or a large dog take down an armed man. And most characters don't wear full plate, so you can't assume most characters will be armoured "from head to toe".
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