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    Default Re: D&D 5th Editon Discussion: 6th thread and counting

    Quote Originally Posted by Ashdate View Post
    I think this is an important point that Obryn is making; my issues with 3.5's CR system was that it was often comparing apples to oranges in terms of difficulty. There's already a bunch of random chance in the game thanks to using a d20 to accomplish most any action; don't compound the problem by allowing that "luck" to determine whether a player lives or dies (thanks to, for example, a lucky critical hit by a level 1 orc for 2d4+4 x 2 damage).
    As a DM I've had terrible luck with monsters pulled from WotC's Monster Manuals. They're either too weak for their CR and the party kills everything with hardly any damage taken at all, or they're way too strong for their CR and the party dies.
    So now I don't use printed materials as much. (When I use a DM screen and they can't see my dice, I lie a little bit, but then I'm still not using the printed monsters, I'm making up fair numbers.)
    I don't think that's what any business wants to have happen, because then I'm less likely to purchase the splatbooks or later editions' manuals.

    Quote Originally Posted by 1337 b4k4 View Post
    A 50lb rat is not mere vermin though. If you walked into your house and saw a 4 foot long 50 pound rat, you'd run screaming for the hills.

    I should also mention in general, something in regards to the dangers posed by a dire rats teeth. Rodent teeth in general, are very shap, more so than your dogs. A standard hamster can gnaw its way through metal if given time (I should know, mine did), now imagine that sort of shap teeth, made bigger, and given the strength of a 50 lb animal's jaw.
    Personally I'd grab the axe from the side of the door and charge, because [expletive], that's my house, get the [expletive] out, you [expletive] rat!
    But then I doubt most people keep an axe by the door like I do.
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