Quickly seeking cover, Sola sees the others, and wave hands toward them.

"Hi! Can you do anything against them? Zombies are so disgusting!"

At that time, her phone rang.

"Yes, Shina? Uh, I'm already there, your help could be nice... Yes, quickly if you can. Oh no no, all is fine! How where your class today? Oh, that? shouldn't be a problem!"

She now seems to be incredibly concentrated on her phone call.

((For Iscariote:
Je suis parti sur une conversation (de ta part) du genre:

"Tu l'as senti aussi? Besoin d'aide? Tout va bien? Ca va, mais on a un problème plus urgent sur les bras..."

English version of Iscariote guessed speech:

"Did you feel it? Need some help? All fine? Fine too, but we've got a problem here..."