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    Quote Originally Posted by 2323mike View Post
    I didn't notice that, and I am not sure why. I mean, he knew there are many traps in the corridor which are triggered by stepping on them, so flying some inches above ground would be a very good idea.
    Quote Originally Posted by theNater View Post
    I'm gonna guess Zz'dtri has Overland Flight, but was staying grounded for cover. In the air, he's an easy target; on the ground, he's behind the mummies and Nale.
    Hmm... Haley's arrows still came toward him in the smoke before the mummies were destroyed, but if he were under the effect of an overland flight spell, that only grants average maneuverability. Average does not confer the ability to hover, so I suppose that could be a problem. Failing to move at least 20 feet forward would mean falling/landing. Still, a 3.0 fly spell would last him an hour to an hour-and-a-half and both versions of fly grant good maneuverability (and hovering along with it).

    Quote Originally Posted by theNater View Post
    Why are the others flying in spite of that? Sabine's damage resistance will likely keep her safe. As for Kilkil, I have begun to suspect his legs don't work, like, at all. I don't think we've ever seen his feet on the ground.
    Well, we have seen them touching the ground... after Belkar knocked him down. He might have been standing in the witness box (on a box in the box?), but it could have been a chair. He was seated at the banquet table, but I suppose a slave could have been responsible for moving the chair for him.
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