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Thread: GitP PrC Contest XXXV: The Last Harvest!

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    Default GitP PrC Contest XXXV: The Last Harvest!

    The Last Harvest


    Ghouls and ghosts beware, its time for a scare!

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    Giant in the Playground PrC Contest XXXV

    The contest begins with the posting of this thread and will run through midnight of October 22nd.

    Soon after a poll will be opened for everyone to vote for their favorite that will last until midnight of November 1st.


    1) You will be creating an 'original' prestige class. Halloween is the theme this time, and let's get cracking. You could make a class about a stealthy killer (or hero!) who prowls the night in costume, a druid who makes monstrous scarecrow golems to haunt the country side, a ghost-hunting paladin who has the power to walk in both worlds, a fighter who channels unholy spirits of vengeance to wreak justice upon the Damned (possibly by throwing a flaming pumpkin head perhaps?), or a wizard who's studies have lead him to the dark arts of tainted candies to make undead slaves. Sky's the limit here (feel free to use any of the above) and anything that is official Wizards of the Coast or Paizo Pathfinder material is allowed for source material. Homebrew material as a base is allowed by permission (just ask).

    2) Entries must include name, complete class, and fluff, combat related and role playing related. Incomplete entries at the deadline will be disqualified.

    3) Entries must be 3.5 or Pathfinder (please specify), using the standard format below.

    4) Post all entries in this thread. Post all conversation, questions, etc here in the
    chat thread).

    5) Maximum of one entry per participant (gotta save up those creative juices for the next one too!)

    6) Entries must be your own work, and must not be copied for other places. Only new work may submitted; no previously posted work will be accepted. Such entries will be disqualified. Additionally, do not post your work outside of the contest until such a time as the voting for the contest has been posted. Such entries will be disqualified.

    7) No reserving posts. Feel free to tweak your class, but the initial post must include the basics.

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    And here's helpers if you need it!

    (Fax Celestis' Prestige Class Creation Thread)
    (Djinn_In_Tonic's What to make and How to make it special!)
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