Mia's eyes widened as she recognizes the sound of the gun shots, taping her deck as a set of cards flew into her grasp; she was unsure why this was happening at her school. I don't think anyone else was attacked last week...at least no one who's spoken about it; could this be related, and why here again of all places? she asked herself, considering the dreadful possibility that one of her fellow students was Tainted by the Dark. However upon her arrival, she did not face the sight she expected.

There was no sign of any shadowy blobs or umbral mechas; no, what she saw in the distance as she approuched the courtyard was far from what she had expected. There were zombies and sure enough the other man was attacking. Oddly enough, the zombies seemed to be on the defensive; shielding, who she could only assume was their necromancer, from the man shooting at them. She did't recognize either of them from school; in fact that gun men didn't seem to be from the area at all, or he didn't appear to be a noble either.

Still she had no idea what was going on. The shooter seemed no worse for wear, while the necromancer was the one with a limp. No, the man was bleeding; hell he could barely even walk. She had to act fast, but was at a loss on what to do. She had been told that their duty was to defend the people and their smiles, as well as to fight off the darkness and spread the Light.; but she couldn't just jump into this either.

The necromancer was clearly Tainted, but she didn't now how. She knew that some of those were touched by the Darkness were nothing more than hollow puppets for the darkness; but she'd also heard that some, mostly those recently Tainted really, weren't quite beyond it all yet or so she was told. The consensus in the courts and forums seemed to be summed up as 'better safe than sorry'; echoing her decision last week, but still. This was a living bleeding person; was it okay just to let him be killed like this?

Of course, her train was stopped upon noticing that the zombies had noticed her impending arrival and seemed less than thrilled about it. She swore she saw the things snarling at them. Realizing that her inner Light was no doubt agitating the creatures she tentively backed off; slowing down a safe distance away from from the zombies, far enough to hopefully be considered of less import than the man shooting at their master. Seeing as the shooter seemed to be doing well enough against the zombies; Mio took a defensive stance before eyeing the shooterer in hopes of divining some greater insight regarding the situation.

1 wisp to load Levinbolt charm. Not sure if this is possible in combat time, but I took a Dodge action, and decided to stay well outside of melee range; as in the zombies would need to leave their defensive line quite a bit in order to attack me. I am hoping to use an Empathy check to find out a bit more about the attackers emotional state. Is he scared, fighting in self-defense, outraged, angry or does he seem completely unemotional or unaffected by the fact he's shooting at zombies, ect?.

Given that I doubt he's hiding his emotion atm, wasn't sure if this needed to take an action in on itself or not. If it did, let me know and I suppose I'll swap it for the dodge action.