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    I'm just going to copy Alba's profile here so it doesn't get lost in the Recruitment thread.

    Alba "the Owl" Tyto, Survivalist [Thief (Bow)]
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Affinity: Plant
    Items: Fire Bow, Vulnerary

    "There's two types of people in this world; those who are prepared for anything just like myself, and those who are too foolish and naive to do the same. These days, I have to keep putting down the rotting husks of the latter."

    CON: 7
    MOV: 5
    Special: Trick Arrows


    Not many people alive know what "the Owl" looks like, for a very good reason. This is because Alba Tyto takes the utmost pains to remain unseen in his hunting grounds; he almost always wears a dark green hood and cape, in which he has stuck a great deal of leaves and shrubs. Such a getup would make him look silly anywhere else, but in the leafy woods where his territory is? The only sign you'd see of him is the arrow which he just put between your eyes.

    For the few whom Alba has consented to see his face (and there are few indeed), "the Owl" is a lean and grizzled outdoorsman with pale skin, silver-gray hair, and an unshaven face. Most intriguing of all are his striking golden-yellow eyes which have earned him the moniker, apart from the unusually keen eyesight which have made him a deadly sharpshooter.


    Ever paranoid about every possible threat around the corner, Alba hates committing to anything unless he has at least two escape plans should things go awry. "The Owl" would just as soon shoot any undead as look at them, and even to unturned living humans, he is curt and sharp with his tongue, holding them in contempt for their 'lethal ignorance' of survival strategies, as he perceives it. Not exactly the most personable individual around; it is very possible that his loner nature is what drove him to his paranoid survivalist mindset, or perhaps it is the other way around.


    A paranoid survivalist to the core, Alba always knew that the world would go to hell in a hurry any time now, and has spent a lifetime preparing for the day civilization would collapse. To that effect, he has constructed his own personal bolthole in a grotto out in the woods, stocked with enough hardtack, salted jerky, water supplies and hunting equipment to last him a while. This has earned him a fair amount of ridicule in the past, but "the Owl" couldn't care less about the ignorant opinions of city-slickers.

    Then the zombie apocalypse happened, validating his paranoia. Escaping to the bolthole he had painstakingly built while the wave of undead threatened everything, today Alba spends his days drawing water, hunting and gathering food to replenish his stocks, and taking down any stray undead which happened upon his part of the woods.


    On that note, depending on what Herp wants to do for Alba's recruitment, it could possibly be a boon for the party, if only because his bolt hole will have stocks of hard tack, which should boost the stocks a little.

    I wonder whether I should ask Herp to give Alba a 'Hunting' passive Special as well; every turn, he has a chance to meet a Random Encounter of a wild game animal which he can attack, and if successful will net the party a small increase in food supplies.
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