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    Quote Originally Posted by INoKnowNames View Post

    ..... I didn't think there were actually Laws in the Fairy Tail universe. With most people being Magic and capable of blowing up entire cities by tripping (DAMN YOU SAKURAI), I sure as heck would hate to be the town guard.

    "Excuse me, sir, but we have to capture this criminal."
    "What'd he do?"
    "Um... he kinda just blew a hole in the chest of the guild master of the strongest force of fighting mages in the country."
    "... I quit."
    Just in case you haven't read that issue of the manga...
    Natsu: So why did he do that?
    Makarov: He basically killed his version of Happy...
    Natsu: WHAT he killed HAPPY! (goes ballistic)
    Happy: I'm right here!
    Natsu: I thought you said...
    Ezra: Idiot! He said the sabertooth guildmaster murdered Sting's Exceed companion right in front of him and Sting punched a hole in the guildmaster's chest killing him!
    Natsu and Gajeel glance at each other as the three Exceed's look at each other: GOOD for him!

    Anime Filler:
    Pretty much figured that out when Gildarts and the other wizardress found out she was a spy, the fact she was Lucy's favourite childhood toy was a surprise though.
    Brain or whatever he's calling himself is overdue for a buttkicking, question is will he be absorbed by the infinity clock releasing Lucy because that would be poetic justice at this moment!
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