Part 2

Race - I like the sound of an orc, minotaur doesn't really interest me. Human is kind of boring, same with dwarf. Halfling might be funny. Goliath and half-ogre are both cool too, but dunno about the LA. And apparently you can put templates on anything? I guess I'm kind of leaning towards a monster race. I've also heard of Krinth being good?

Prestige classes - the handbook you guys linked too has several, but of them Fist of the Forest, Frenzied Berserker, Deepwarden, and Runescarred Berserker look interesting. Deepwarden would seem to be eliminated since I don't have much interest in dwarfs unfortunately. Dunno about frenzied berserker, while I love the power I don't want to take down the whole rest of my party as the new guy!

What non-barbarian prestige classes might be good, or are there any I missed?