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    Default The Brick Builder (Lego Class) PEACH

    Brick Builder

    Brick Builder

    1st|+0|+0|+2|+0|Brick Construction

    2nd|+1|+0|+3|+0|Construct Minifig

    3rd|+1|+1|+3|+1|Light Bricks

    4th|+2|+1|+4|+1|Improve Minfig Construction

    5th|+2|+1|+4|+1|Animate Minifig

    6th|+3|+2|+5|+2|Construct Heroic Minifig

    7th|+3|+2|+5|+2| Sound Bricks

    8th|+4|+2|+6|+2|Improve Minifig Construction

    9th|+4|+3|+6|+3|Quick Brick Construction

    10th|+5|+3|+7|+3|Construct Heroic Minifig

    11th|+5|+3|+7|+3|Power Bricks

    12th|+6/+1|+4|+8|+4|Improve Minifig Construction

    13th|+6/+1|+4|+8|+4|Awaken Minifig

    14th|+7/+2|+4|+9|+4|Construct Heroic Minifig

    15th|+7/+2|+5|+9|+5|Force Bricks

    16th|+8/+3|+5|+10|+5|Improve Minifig Construction

    17th|+8/+3|+5|+10|+5|Telekinetic Brick Construction

    18th|+9/+4|+6|+11|+6|Construct Heroic Minifig

    19th|+9/+4|+6|+11|+6|Soul Bricks

    20th|+10/+5|+6|+12|+6|Body of Bricks, Masterful Minifig Construction
    Alignment: Any
    Hit Die: 1d6
    Starting Gold: 5d4x10

    Class Skills:
    Balance, Concentration, Craft, Disable Device, Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering), Profession, Search, Sleight Of Hand, Use Magic Device
    Skill Points at 1st Level:(4 + Int modifier) ×4.
    Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 4 + Int modifier

    Weapon and Armour Proficiency
    A Brick Builder is proficient with all simple weapons, and light armour, as well as any Lego models they construct.

    Brick Construction
    Using a Craft(Lego) check, a Brick Builder can create any number of Lego models using the methods listed bellow. Should she wish to salvage a Lego model, she can gaining back the number of bricks used in its creation. This also allows her to modify and add to existing Lego models without penalty.

    The Brick Builder can use another's Lego models with a successful disable device check. The DC is equal to 10 plus the level of the character who constructed the Lego model. To salvage the Lego model and keep the bricks, she uses the same check but the DC is 5 less.

    In addition, she gets a bonus to her Craft(Lego) checks equal to her levels in this class.

    The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against a Brick Builders Lego models is 10 + 1/2 the Brick Builder’s level + the Brick Builder’s Intelligence modifier.

    Construct Minifig
    The Brick Builder can create a fine construct called a Minifig. The Minfigs have hit dice equal to half the Brick Builder who created them and take 3 bricks to create. A Brick Builder can control a number of Minifigs, up to his Brick Builder level, as a move action, depending on the conditions a Brick Builder may need to make a concentration check to be able to control the Minifigs. Each Minifig controlled above the first adds +5 to any concentration check DC.

    Light Bricks
    A Brick Builder may now use Light Bricks during the construction of Lego models. Any elemental damage her models cause do 1d6 damage.

    Improve Minfig Construction
    At level 4 and again at levels 8, 12, 16 and 20, a Brick Builder may select one of the Minfig Improvements and apply it to all Minifigs they construct.

    Animate Minifig
    A Brick Builder can animate her Minifigs, giving them a semblance of life. Animated Minfigs will perform any task they are directed too by the Brick Builder without requiring control. To change the task, a Brick Builder must spend a move action to direct them in the new task. She may have up to half her Brick Builder level in Minifigs Animated at any time.

    Construct Heroic Minifig
    The Brick Builder can construct a Heroic Minifig. This Minifig is imbue with a portion of the power of a great hero. This hero doesn't have to have existed, it is the idea of this hero that powers the Minifig. The Minifig is considered a Cohort and has class levels equal to the characters level -5. Use the same character creation rules for the Heroic Minifig as you used to create the Brick Builder. The Brick Builder gets an additional Heroic Minfig at levels 10, 14 and 18.

    Sound Bricks
    A Brick Builder may now use Sound Bricks during the construction of Lego models. Any elemental damage her models cause also have a chance to cause deafness in a target for 3 rounds. A Fortitude Save

    Quick Brick Construction
    It now takes half as long to construct, modify or salvage a Lego model that the Brick Builder has created. In the case of Lego models that take a full round action or less, the action is reduced by one step.

    Power Bricks
    A Brick Builder may now use Power Bricks during the construction of Lego models. Any elemental damage her models cause do 2d6 damage and also have a chance to daze a target for 1 round. A will Save negates the daze effect. A successful will save means the target cannot be affected again for 24 hours.

    Awaken Minifig
    The Brick Builder can now truly give life to her Minfigs. This ability functions like the awaken spell but with no xp cost. Treat the Minifigs as trees for the purpose of the spell's effect. The Brick Builder can have a maximum of one quarter her brick builder levels in awakened Minifigs.

    Force Bricks
    A Brick Builder may now use force Bricks during the construction of Lego models. Any elemental damage she deals is affected as though it was dealt by a Ghost Touch weapon.

    Telekinetic Brick Construction
    The Brick Builder no longer needs to use her hands to construct Lego models. She can construct a Lego Model purely with her mind. Depending on the conditions a Brick Builder may need to make a concentration check to complete the construction of a Lego Model.

    Soul Bricks
    A Brick Builder may now use Soul Bricks during the construction of Lego models. Any elemental damage her models cause do 3d6 damage and also have a chance to kill a target. A Fortitude Save negates the death effect. A successful will save means the target cannot be affected again for 24 hours.

    Body of Bricks
    A Brick Builder rebuilds herself, literally becoming a Lego model herself. She keeps all her current traits and also gets the benefits of the Construct traits with none of the draw backs. In addition she can produce up to 10,000 regular bricks everyday from her body. Any unused bricks are not kept the next day. She gains the Augmented subtype.

    Masterful Minifig Construction
    A Brick Builder's Minifigs reach the height of construction. They now all have an additional Hit Dice or Class Level. As a swift action she can break herself apart, becoming a swarm of 10,000 Minifigs. She can resume her normal form as a standard action.



    Size/Type: Fine Construct
    Hit Dice: 1d10 (5 hp)
    Initiative: +1
    Speed: 5 feet
    Armor Class: 19, touch 19, flat-footed 18 (+8 size, +1 dex)
    Base Attack/Grapple: 0/-19
    Attack: Slam +5 str-based (1d2-3)
    Full Attack: 2 Slams +5 str-based (1d2-3)
    Space/Reach: ˝ ft./0 ft.
    Special Attacks:
    Special Qualities: Brick Built
    Saves: Fort 0, Ref +1, Will 0
    Abilities: Str 5, Dex 13, Con —, Int 0, Wis 11, Cha 1
    Skills: -
    Feats: -
    Enviroment: Houses
    Organization: set (2-8) or bucket (any amount)
    Challange Rating: 1/4
    Treasure: 2 Bricks
    Alignment: Always Neutral
    Advancement: 1-20 HD (Fine Construct)
    Level Adjustment:

    Brick Built
    Minifigs are constructed by bricks instead of the

    Minifigs are constructed from 3 bricks per hit dice and requires 1 minutes work to create. Should they become damaged they can be repaired by their creator. This takes a Full round to complete and provokes attacks of opportunity. It costs 1 brick to repair the Minifig by 5 hp. A Minfig can be improved as its creator becomes more skilled, this takes 1 minute of work and requires 3 bricks per hit dice.

    Improving Minifigs
    When a Brick Builder gains Improved Minifig Construction, she may select one of the features bellow. All minifigs constructed by her have this ability in addition to their current abilities.

    Castle: All minifigs receive DR 1/- and models have an extra point of hardness.

    Knight: The bonuses from minifig weapons and armour are doubled.
    Requires: Castle

    Pirate: A pair of minifigs working in conjunction to reload a weapon may act as if there were 3 minifigs performing the reload function.

    Captain: Can have an additional 2 awakened and 1 animated minifig.
    Special: Must have the ability to animate or awaken a minifig before they can get the additional minifigs.
    Requires: Pirate

    Astronaut: Vehicular movement speed is doubled at no cost increase.

    Spaceman: Vehicular construction only costs half as many bricks.
    Requires: Astronaut

    Civilian: Minifigs may consider a single skill a class skill with max ranks in it for their HD. The skill is chosen at the time this improvement is taken and cannot be changed.

    Police Man: Minifigs gain a +4 bonus to their chosen skill. In addition they can take 10 with this skill even when rushed, threatened or distracted.
    Requires: Civilian


    Items and Pieces

    A single gp can buy 10 Lego bricks which can be used in the construction of Lego models and Minifigs. Alternatively, 10 Lego bricks can also be used as a 2 pound bag of caltrops. In addition to regular bricks there are several other types of bricks available for construction. All brick abilities can be activated or deactivated as a swift action, although only one can be in use on any particular Lego model at any time.

    10 Regular|1gp
    Light|20 gp
    Sound|40 gp
    Power|60 gp
    Force |80 gp
    Soul |100 gp

    - Light Bricks: These bricks give off illumination as a torch, this lasts for 1 minute/level in Brick Builder class. Should a weapon strike an enemy with an activated light brick, it deals fire damage equal to the brick builders elemental damage, and destroys the light brick.

    - Sound: These bricks create a piercing screech, alerting users to the wielders presence. This lasts for 1 minute/level in Brick Builder class. Should a weapon strike an enemy with an activated sonic brick, it deals sonic damage equal to the brick builders elemental damage, and destroys the sonic brick. Any creature struck by a sonic brick has a -10 penalty to move silent and hide checks for 1 round/Brick Builder level.

    - Power: These bricks can be used to power different models. A single brick can provide enough lasts for 10 minute/level in Brick Builder class. Should a weapon strike an enemy with an activated power brick, it deals electricity damage equal to the brick builders elemental damage, and destroys the power brick.

    - Force: These bricks are infused with magic and can be used to overcome or provide damage reduction. Force bricks are always considered activated. When used in a weapon a force brick negates the first 2 points of any damage reduction and deals force damage equal to the brick builders elemental damage. This destroys the force brick. If used in the construction of an object or armour, they provide two points of hardness and Damage Reduction 2/-.

    - Soul: The peak of brick production. Soul bricks are infused with a small portion of a souls energy. This allows them to provide unlimited energy to any model that requires it. Should a weapon strike an enemy with an activated soul brick, it deals true damage equal to the brick builders elemental damage, and destroys the soul brick.

    Brick Separator - 50 gp - 1lb
    Aids in the use of creating and salvaging Lego Models. It will reduce the time taken to salvage a Lego model by half. It is considered a masterwork tools and add +2 to Craft(Lego) checks and disable device checks to salvage Lego models.

    Minifig Armour
    Minfig Armour provides a Minifig with a natural armour bonus of +2. It takes 1 minute to create and outfit a Minifig with the Armour and takes a single brick to do so.

    Minifig Weapons
    Created from a single brick, these weapons improve one of a minifigs natural slam attacks as if it had increased in size. They can also modify the damage type to be piercing, slashing of bludgeoning. The weapons vary in size and shape and may be made to look like many normal weapons. It takes 1 minute to create a Minifig Weapon from a brick.

    Ole Kirk's Bag of Bricks - 2000 gp
    An essential item to most brick builders, this bag is a modified version of Heward's Handy Haversack. It allows any number of bricks stored inside to be retrieved as a swift action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. The bag can hold an infinite amount of bricks within it, plus 10lbs of other items. These items cannot be above 1lb each and have to be searched for like they were stored in a regular backpack.


    Lego Models

    Lego models are crafted using a Craft(Lego) check and can be salvaged using a successful Disable Device check. Lego models can provide one of three functions. They can be used in melee or ranged attacks, used in defence, can help with a particular skill, or be used to duplicate a feat.

    Lego models also come in three different types. Portable, which is any model which can be carried by a single character. This includes weapons as well as many other devices. Stationary, which is any model which requires multiple characters or a vehicle to transport it. This includes houses as well as stationary siege weapons and everything in between. And Vehicular, which covers any model that is able to move under its own, or some sort of provided power.

    The Craft DC required to create these Lego models is equal to 10 + (number of bricks/100). Unless otherwise stated, the Lego Models listed are made from regular bricks. Each Lego model weighs 1lb for every 100 bricks that make it up.


    Portable: The base of a small Lego model requires 300 bricks to create, and can have up to two functions attached to it. These models are easy to carry and wield. A portable model requires the use of a hand to function.

    Stationary The base of these Lego Models requires 1,000 bricks to create. They can have up to 5 functions on a single model and any weapon functions have their damage dice increased in size twice and the crit modifier increased to x3. These models are unwieldy and may not wielded by a character smaller than Huge. Characters smaller than huge can still use any function of the model as long as it is fitted to the ground or a vehicle. They take up a the same space as a medium sized creature, often they have room for a single medium character to use them from inside.

    Vehicular Vehicular Lego models have some sort of movement mode built into them and can also have up to two functions. The amount of bricks required for construction depends on the movement that this model has as well as how many creatures it can carry.

    A Large vehicle model can carry a single medium creature and takes 10,000 bricks to create. Each size increase can carry double the amount of medium sized creatures and takes 10 times as many bricks to create. Each size increase also allows an additional function to be added to the model. The maximum size a model can be is Colossal. One medium spot must be left free for the driver to control the vehicle. From there he can operate any functions the vehicle has.

    Ground based movement requires 100 bricks per 10 feet of movement speed. With a maximum movement speed of 40 feet. An extra 100 bricks per 10 feet give the vehicle a climb speed as well.

    Swim speed that only allows for above water use requires 100 bricks per 10 feet of movement speed. With a maximum movement speed of 40 feet. An extra 100 bricks per 10 feet allow the vehicle to be submersible.

    Fly speed requires 400 bricks 10 feet of movement speed. With a maximum movement speed of 40 feet. The model has average maneuverability.


    Weapons: Lego Models can have a weapon function. During a successful attack a Lego Weapon deals 1d6 damage. This function takes 200 bricks to create. If this is a ranged weapon it has a range increment of 80 ft and its ammunition costs 1 Brick to create. The ammunition can be made out of any brick type and reloading the model takes a full round action. If it is a Melee weapon than up to 5 additional bricks can be added to the model of any brick type. These can be replaced using the same rules for reloading, and also takes a full round action to complete.

    These base weapon models can be modified. The damage dice can be increased to 2d6 for an additional 300 bricks. The critical threat range can also be increased to 19-20/x2 for 200 bricks.

    In addition on a ranged weapon, provisioning for Minifigs may be made. Seats with a wheel, cog and pully system may be attached to allow a Minifig to help with reloading. This costs 100 bricks and allows you to reduce the reload action by 1 step. From a full round action to a standard action, or from a standard action to a move action. Two such spots can be created on a ranged weapon, allowing up to two Minifigs to provide assistance.

    Defence: The defence Lego models come in two distinct forms, Armour and Energy Resistance. The armour function may be added to models to increase their hardness. This also acts as damage reduction against attacks. For each point of hardness it costs an additional 100 bricks to create, up to a hardness of 5. A second set of the defence function can be added to continue increasing the hardness beyond 5 with the same cost.

    Energy resistance can also be added to a Lego model. A single type of energy resistance 5 can be added at the cost of 100 bricks for cold, electricity or fire, or 200 bricks for sonic or acid. This can be increased up to a maximum of energy resistance 20 for a single energy type. A second energy resistance can be added to a model but takes up an additional function.

    A Lego model can be crafted to assist with a single skill check. The model acts as if it performing the Aid Another action and can have skill ranks equal to the creators levels in Brick Builder class in its chosen skill. This takes 500 bricks to create. These Lego models have can house a single power or soul brick. While activated, these bricks provide the model with a +3 bonus to its aid another check.

    A Skill Lego Model can be modified to allow a Minifig to make the check. In this case the Minifig is actually doing work using the skill ranks from the model. This requires an additional 100 bricks to create, and still allows for the aid another action of this Lego model to function.

    Lego Models can duplicate a feat. This allows a model to bestow the use of that feat to the person using it. Any prerequisites for the feat must be held by the person using that model, except for prerequisite feats, which must also be duplicated by the Lego model. For each feat a model has, it requires 3000 bricks and takes a single function. A character can only benefit from each feat once. For example if two Lego models had the toughness feat, the character would only get the benefits from one of the two.
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