Looking at the situation and the man with a gun, Mia can tell, mostly, that this guy means business. He seems only briefly hesitant at the mass of zombies, as if he hadnít expected them, but he also seems to be steeling his nerve to cut his way through them to get to the bleeding man. Itís very, very clear that he does not like man on the ground. Itís clearly not an irrational rage thatís driving the gunman forward, more like cold, angry purpose. He doesn't even seem to notice that there are other people arriving.

Moving backward doesnít take all the attention off of Mia in the meantime, pairs of burning eyes do follow her. The first shadowy zombie to peel off from the pack, however, moves to deal with the immediate target approaching. It moves with surprising speed, lunging forward toward the man with the gun. Long, clawed hands reach out to grab him by the throat, gripping and keeping him from pursuing as it raises claws to strike at him.

((Mia finds out that the gunman is out to kill the crawling man with cold resolve, because he is his enemy. Marionette III grapples and holds the Gunman.

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