Light surges. Her resolve strengthens like steel. In her hand, always, the staff, her wisps flowing into it to power its destructive bolts.
Am I even still human? asks a scared girl inside her, but that's the kind of pointless navel-gazing she could afford before. Now she doesn't have the time. Besides, she's a Radiant. She saves the world on a daily basis. It's all that matters.
She runs and soon she's there, in the yard, facing the brutal violence of a murder about to happen, thr gross stench of tainted magic - zombies. The foulest of desecration of the dead. Like some aborted Darkspawn, too dumb to act on its own. Still a murderous abomination, grasping at throats withj its cold rotten fingers. The mere thought makes her want to puke.
But it's also a man on the ground, crawling for his life, and another armed and willing to kill.
Not here, she thinks. Anywhere but here.
Bur she doesn't have time to think as one man is being assaulted by the undead. Before she even formulates the thought, the Device is leaping and blue energy bursts from its tip, illuminating the night.Burn, she thinks, but it's the power of water she's summoning.

Pretend you know what you're doing. Speak loud and carry your head like a grown-up. Like you ain't scared for your life.
And so she does.
'Drop your weapons at once and cease this fight!' She cries out, staff smoldering with released power. 'This territory is under my protection, identify yourselves, or suffer the consequences!' Please do. Please please please stop fighting and listen to me.

I am spending two wisps to load my staff and use the Acqua invocation to improve my attack on the zombie grapplking the gunman. And, uh, shouting, I guess?
I'm rolling 9 dice because I assume the zombie's defense applies, since you said 'your attacks,' but it's a ranged attack; if their defense does not apply I get two more dice.
Oh, and Acqua shots blasts the enemy 6 x Successes yards away.