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    Default [PTTA] How to make a character with high int and high cha not suck?

    As the title says. Pokemon table top adventures discriminates against high int, high-cha characters. Every ability score combo except Int/Cha has a trainer class attached to it. Personally, I enjoy high int, high-cha characters the most and the lack of support for them in PTTAs makes me sad. So, I'm coming to all of you for help. Is there any means of combining classes that would allow a high int, high cha character to be viable in PTTAs? Further, is there a way to do it WITHOUT using coordinator?(I have a strong dislike of pokemon contests, so yeah.) If so, please post your tips and suggestions here.
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    A Lawful Good Human Cleric 3. (Str 12 Dex 13 Con 10 Int 13 Wis 16 Cha 14)

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