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    Quote Originally Posted by SirAxealot View Post
    Fighter - seems to be only useful for a two level dip for more feat
    Scout - extra damage and armor class while moving, only need one level. Does not fully advance BAB
    Crusader - Advances BAB. Unsure about randomness, seems to be more defensive?
    Warblade - more of an offense/defense balance than the Crusader, full BAB. Seems like it uses INT a lot, which worries me.
    Thing about Warblade is that they can benefit of Int but they don't need it; those stats they get of it are fairly minor so they're nice to have but you're fine without them.

    Quote Originally Posted by SirAxealot View Post
    Totem Barbarian - Not 100% sure how this works. Seems like I can take a level or two in one Lion, then another level or two in Wolf?
    Basically, you look at what they replace. For instance, the Spirit Lion Totem on Complete Champion (don't get it confused with the one on System Reference Document) replaces your Fast Movement with Pounce. Then the Wolf Totem from Unearthed Arcana replaces Uncanny Dodge with Improved Trip.

    You aren't so much taking levels in different Totem Barbarians but just replacing different abilities of the standard Barbarian class; basically, you're simultaneously taking multiple Totems.

    Quote Originally Posted by SirAxealot View Post
    Martial Rogue - what exactly is the practical difference between this and a fighter? Or for that matter, the rogue fighter and a normal Rogue
    It's a "Fighter" who gets no BAB but instead gets lots of skillpoints and a big skill list.

    Quote Originally Posted by SirAxealot View Post
    Alternate class abilities
    - Rage/Frenzy/Ferocity, what's the deal? Are they all equally good, which one's more useful for what? How much do the status conditions from each matter? Ferocity better for a combination barbarian/stealth dude?
    Frenzy does the most damage (extra attack). Rage makes you hard to affect (extra HP, Will-save improvement, extra Fort-save improvement). Ferocity improves your Initiative and allows raging out of turn order. From the sound of it, Frenzy should be up your alley since you seem to want damage.

    Quote Originally Posted by SirAxealot View Post
    - I'm a little confused as to how BAB advancement works. If I take, say, 6 levels of barbarian, which would be BAB +6/+1 and then a level of Fighter, would I be getting the +1 for Fighter 1 or the +7/+2 of Fighter 7?
    The second "+1" is just a reminder that you get an extra attack every 5 BAB after level 1. Multiclassing doesn't remove this; for example, Barbarian 3/Ranger 4 will have 7 BAB which amounts to +7/+2 attacks. Barbarian 3/Ranger 4/Fighter 5 will have 12 BAB which amounts to +12/+7/+2 attacks. Rogue 3/Barbarian 4/Warblade 5 would have 11 BAB which amounts to +11/+6/+1 attacks.

    Basically, add together the Base Attack Bonus of all your classes and then see how many attacks you get (1 attack with BAB 1-5, 2 attacks with BAB 6-10, 3 with BAB 11-15, 4 with BAB 16-20).

    Quote Originally Posted by SirAxealot View Post
    - Will I have range issues with polearms? I'm liking the image of an incredibly pissed dude with a polearm flying through the air and introducing his weapon to people's brains via their skull, but if i then get smacked around for being too close it kinda blows...
    Not really. You can take a 5' step backwards as long as your back isn't against a wall. This doesn't cost you movement nor provoke attack of opportunity and you can still full attack afterwards.

    Also, you can always drop your weapon as a free action and draw another weapon as a move action (assuming you carry around a close range weapon such as a Greatsword or a Greataxe). This does not provoke an attack of opportunity and allows you to fight even if cornered (yeah, carry a sword around just in case). Also, if you took those early levels in Monk, you'll be trained in Unarmed Combat so you could just hit with your fists instead (mind, a Greatsword of course does more damage).

    Quote Originally Posted by SirAxealot View Post
    i don't mind dealing with complex stuff, I expect that once I'm actually playing I'll figure it out quick, and even though I want to play a mad dude I don't want to sit there going "I hit it with my sword" for the 37th time in the night...
    Then you definitely want to go Warblade. That's the best way to get some variety into your deal. If you want stealth, take 2 levels in either Ranger, Rogue or Monk. Then take 2 levels in Barbarian for Rage and pick the Extra Rage feat once or twice to cover your daily Rage uses. Then just go into Warblade and begin picking up maneuvers.

    There's notably "Iron Heart Surge" in the Iron Heart school which basically amounts to "BY CROM!" It's a very "Barbarian" ability for shaking off stupid crap affecting you.

    And if Orc interests you, become a Water Orc. They get +2 Constitution over normal Orcs ('cause normal Orcs have more minuses than plusses for stats). It's definitely a fine option; big strength bonus, some constitution, lose on the mental stats; pretty perfect for a Barb.
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