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Oh? wasn't the point of Jellal hiding his identity to keep it secret from Magic Council Army? you know, the people who arrest rouge mages? you know, the magic police force. the people who fight mages. because they are mages too. and they can fight mages. cause they are, you know, mages trained to fight mages.
Oh. Right then. I'm surprised Fairy Tail's gotten away with all of their property damage, then. But I suppose that puts my thoughts to rest.

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He killed a cat. Talking cat, but still a cat. Yes it wasn't nice but in response Sting killed a man. And not an ordinary man - a leader of strongest guild in Fiore - so he was somehow influential. Killed in a town full of Rune Knights - a magic police force. No, I don't think he will be able to escape it in any legal way.
Well, he could claim self defense... though I agree this certainly isn't about to end prettily.

I thought that the creatures like Happy had rights... though I'm admitedly the least versed in the knowledge of Fairy Tail of the manga that I read. Probably why I love it the most; I'm ignorant of any of it's flaws.