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very helpful posts. Seems to be a little disagreement about Totems?
Alternative Class Features all work the same; basically, the only restriction is what they replace. Since Spirit Lion Totem and Wolf Totem replace different things, you can take both.

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Which would work better with a Barbarian, Crusader or Warblade?
Warblade has more Barbarian-like abilities; Tiger Claw has some "take penalty to AC, get bonus To Hit and Damage"-abilities, Iron Heart has "shake off negative effects on yourself"-ability, etc. Crusader is more about healing and being a sort of a leader (tho Warblade has "White Raven" open too, which has most of the teamwork maneuvers; but Crusader also has "Devoted Spirit" which is the "Paladin"-school). Either's fine, Warblade feels more fitting tho.

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Also, how beneficial would the sneak attack feature of the rogue or the skirmish ability of the scout be? They both seem to be strong skill users, which would be better?
Skirmish requires some work to be good since you need to be walking around all the time; since you want to be protecting your team your positioning is kinda important so this might make it harder. Sneak Attack is easier to trigger since you deal Sneak Attack damage whenever you're flanking an enemy (that is, you have an ally you surround the enemy with).

However, both generally want a lot of levels in the class to get good amounts of the bonus damage; +1d6 isn't all that much, you want those +3d6 and +8d6 numbers. That's why I wouldn't suggest picking the skill class based on the precision damage they deal.

This is also why I suggest going with the Martial Rogue variant if you use Rogue; Martial Rogue loses Sneak Attack but gets Fighter bonus feats. This way you get skills + feats; as you noticed earlier, Barbarian can benefit quite a bit from having a lot of feats so bonus feats are really helpful.

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Is Ranger just for the skills, or is there some other benefit to putting a couple of levels into it?
Ranger 2 gets a bonus feat. There's an alternative combat style in Dragon Magazine called "Strong-Arm Style" where you gain Power Attack as the Combat Style feat. Ranger also can get either Tracking (if you want to know how to track) or Trapfinding from Dungeonscape (in exchange for tracking) in case you want to be able to open traps.

Basically, Ranger is Full BAB while both Rogue and Scout lose 1 BAB so Ranger is the "Full BAB + skills"-option. Also, if you have any level in Ranger you can use Wands with Ranger-spells in them (for example, Wand of Cure Light Wounds for out of combat healing) which can be helpful, a nice small bonus (yes, this even works if you don't have enough levels to cast Ranger spells).