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Skirmish requires some work to be good since you need to be walking around all the time; since you want to be protecting your team your positioning is kinda important so this might make it harder. Sneak Attack is easier to trigger since you deal Sneak Attack damage whenever you're flanking an enemy (that is, you have an ally you surround the enemy with).

However, both generally want a lot of levels in the class to get good amounts of the bonus damage; +1d6 isn't all that much, you want those +3d6 and +8d6 numbers. That's why I wouldn't suggest picking the skill class based on the precision damage they deal.
Ah, i thought the skill levelled up as you did once you got it in the first place. In that case, neither seem like they're worth it. Darn. I was hoping for a sneak-attacking skirmishing power attacker lol

I like the huge damage output of Frenzied Barbarian, I don't like killing everyone in my party. Guess it's a no-go : /
I did see the Righteous Wrath feat in the barbarian handbook. Would that be enough to cool down in time to avoid taking out all my buddies?