Splendid! Between this and finally discussing it with my GM, I have a method to follow.

It will not cost me points to develope each level's technique. However, comma, I must play-out his observations and base my outline of each technique roughly on other school's to get a balance of power (unless I come up w/ something far-out; then we eye-ball it together). As for learning from other masters, my GM says the only [I]forseeable[I] possibility is finding a swordmaster who has gone ronin himself/herself and is willing to take on a deciple. We agree, Houlio, that buying (w/ xp) Allies will help in this endevour. Also, he says that practicing w/ other bushi in the group may help my character's insights in developing his own style, but it certainly wouldn't count as complete training. In fact, any bushi who notice him "copy catting" too much is likely to confront him about it... which would probably lead to the ronin's dueling practice!

We both agree with the cherry-picking observation, Krendekel. I'm going to try to get a copy of [I]Great Clans[I] and look-up this Ikoma cat. He sounds like a Bad-

"Watch yo mouth!"

I'm just talkin' `bout Ikoma...