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    Quote Originally Posted by Andezzar View Post
    There is the problem of even getting that feat. It is [Exalted], meaning not only must you be and remain ridiculously good (as per BoED) but it must also be bestowed on you by some higher power. The description of the feat only references Rage, so it would not apply to Frenzy.
    Check with your DM, but Iron Heart Surge could potentially be used to end the Frenzy when need be (it's not strictly by RAW but Iron Heart Surge is kinda weird anyways so it's worth asking at least). Tho frankly, Barbarian/Warblade will already be swimming in damage so it's probably not necessary. Besides, Ranger 2/Barbarian 2/Warblade 16 is more than good enough.

    Quote Originally Posted by SirAxealot View Post
    Ah, i thought the skill levelled up as you did once you got it in the first place. In that case, neither seem like they're worth it. Darn. I was hoping for a sneak-attacking skirmishing power attacker lol
    Yeah, your Rage won't improve either without taking more levels in the class. Basically, in 3.5 without a feat that says otherwise you need levels in that class to improve your class features.

    It is possible to combine Skirmish and Sneak Attack but frankly, it's not worth the effort as you need to move and flank every turn to get your bonus damage. Besides, a proper Barbarian can do even more anyways, and he doesn't have to worry about Precision Damage (things like Undead and Elementals without discernable bodyparts are immune to Precision Damage like Sneak Attack since, y'know, you can't stab them in the kidney since they have none).
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