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    Quote Originally Posted by SirAxealot View Post
    Can I be penalized for low INT in warblade abilities or skill multipliers for classes?
    The warblade abilities reference an INT bonus. If you do not have an INT bonus you do not add it. AFAIK there is no addition of an INT penalty. I'm not sure, what you mean by skill multipliers.

    Quote Originally Posted by SirAxealot View Post
    How do my skill points get determined? Is it by level? (ie the level of rogue gets x number of skill points, the next level is barbarian and only gets y, etc)
    Ever class gets a certain amount of skill points each level. It is in the form of X+INT skill points (warblade gets 4+INT). Those points are quadrupled on Level 1 (That is character level, not class level). Humans get 1 more skill point (4 more at level 1). Skill points however reference the INT modifier which means a penalty is added.

    Quote Originally Posted by SirAxealot View Post
    What's the deal with ranger combat styles? how do they interact with disciplines, maneuvers, and stances?
    There is not much interaction between those. Disciplines are just a certain set of maneuvers. Stances are a special kind of maneuvers. There are however a couple of stances and maneuvers that require the user to fight with two weapons to work. It is not improtant whether he does that with the ranger combat style, true two-weapon fighting with feats or just having a weapon in each hand. Because of the penalties the latter option is a really poor one and hardly anyone would pick such maneuvers unless he was able to dual-wield properly (options one and two).

    @Dungeoncrasher: It's nice if you plan to take a lot of fighter levels. If you take fighter levels mainly for the extra feats not so much. To get the most out of this alternate class feature you should have a way to get bull rushes very often.
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