The art of removing poison would take allot of tools, leeches and the like. Darius pondered his options, he could request medical aid from anouther cleric, as he did not carry a true potion for cleansing poison, nor the spell this day. Or he could brave the wilderness and try to put said potion together, which is not an option really as Darius was not the best alchemist. With luck, she would survive till tommorow, so he could cure her completley.

"Thankfully, I believe I can cure her. I do not have the cure today, but I have enough potions to slow the poison until I may call upon a better spell to aid her."

Sitting his two Anti-venom vials nearby, for the parents to use. He wouldn't blame them if they didn't wait for him to return and called upon anouther cleric or alchemist today, and he wouldn't be mad. The truth of the matter was he could not currently cure her with the tools and spells on hand.

"Every hour, give her a small dose of the potion. It should keep her away from death's door until I can return, which I will promise you will be early, possibly before sunrise if I can help it. I do suggest you begin contemplating who could have poisoned her, so that we can bring the culprit to justice."