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    The blast from Kim's weapon literally tears a chunk out of the creature locked in struggle with the man, part of its shoulder and side vanishing in an instant, providing a sickening view of its innards and dark crimson liquid that begins to drip from the opened wound.

    The damage done to the monster is enough to knock it off balance, the man in itís grip twisting around, shoving the thing just a few inches backward. Enough to break itís grasp, and then he raises his pistol to its chest, the trigger squeezed and the gun letting out another sharp spit. The impact seems to have some effect, but not much. The creature spasms, shaking once, but still seems to be standing upright and ready to continue its attack.

    ďHelp or get out of the way!Ē Thatís the only reply the man with the weapon gives, a sharp snarl as he staggers backward.

    Kimís efforts have attracted the attention of one of the other monsters. It turns, beginning to stumble in her direction, breaking off from the rest of the group. Though itís slow enough that itíll take time to get to her, it quickly shows that it has other methods of harming the girl. Itís head jerks back violently, a disgusting gargling noise emitting from it before it spits. Itís a thick chunk of bubbling, boiling black ichor that comes forth, soaring through the air and splattering across the girl.

    Abruptly, a shriek cuts through the night air. It comes from a large, middle-aged woman standing in one of the classroom doorways. Sheís a figure most of the girls will recognize, one of their teachers, Ms. Grout. Sheís standing paralyzed, eyes wide, viewing the scene in front of her.

    The sound draws another one of the thin creatures from its duty. It begins to lumber forward, speeding its way toward the defenseless teacher.

    The last one remains standing vigil, shuffling slowly along behind the crawling man, keeping between him and the man with the gun. The fellow on the ground is still frantically trying to flee, managing to actually get feet under him and start stumbling. The front of him is covered in blood, and heís muttering almost incoherently, pleading, ďNo, no, stay with me, no, you stupid things...Ē

    Now all the girls have arrived and can see the scene playing out in front of them.

    ((Summary: Gunman breaks the grapple after Kimís attack hits and plugs a bullet into the zombie. It is still up.

    Marionette II begins moving toward Kim and spits evil gunk at her. She takes 2L unless she decides to use Holy Shield.

    A teacher hears the sound and comes to investigate. Sheís paralyzed by shock and fear. Marionette IV begins to move toward her.

    Marionette I remains near the injured man, who continues to flee.

    Injured Man: 14 (Severely Injured)
    Sola: 14
    Mia: 12
    Marionette III: 11 (Moderately Injured)
    Kim: 10
    Erin: 10
    Nerissa: 10
    Shina: 9
    Gunman: 9
    Teacher: 8
    Marionette II: 8
    Marionette I: 5
    Shirley: 1 (For taking her time/check fail)

    NOTES: Now updated for remembering rules!
    Shadows have 3/2 defense (-3 Melee/Archery/Thrown / -2 Firearms/Levinbolt)
    Gunman has 4/3 defense (-4 vs Melee/Archery/Thrown, -3 vs Firearms/Levinbolt)
    Injured Man has 2/0 defense (-2 vs Melee/Archery/Thrown, -0 vs Firearms/Levinbolt)
    Remember that firing into a melee nets you a -2 penalty!

    Next up: Sola, then Mia))
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