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    Yeah, monies is good. Thanks, K-.

    On slightly related subjects:

    Is there any way for a shugenja to mute or do away with an elemental deficiency?

    Are there any rules/stats for gaijin barbarians? I know gaijin tend to be slaughtered on sight, but before that, I mean...

    And the biggie: has anyone made a conversion guide to 4E for 7th Sea?

    Aside from those things (which, if taken further than a lead, probably merit their own threads), thanks again guys. I'll probably post here again if my ronin lasts long enough to see Rank 2! Buy the whey, the character's name is... Suteinu! Couldn't help it Besides, this character is actually older than my membership here; I just haven't been able to play him outside of MechaCon.
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