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    Default Gaols and Giants - The Playground rewrites third Edition

    Welcome to Gaols and Giants. Before we start getting to the actual rules, we have to agree on organisation. For now, I'll take over organizing this first post. However, there are a few points we need to address.

    An instant messaging medium with an archive would be very helpful. I propose Skype, but others might work too, if someone dislikes Skype for some reason.

    Projects die without it. We need an organizer, and sub-organizers for various subjects.

    Everyone who wants to be in this should probably drop a line here, and maybe mention some of the homebrew they've worked on, or what their qualifications are.

    Hi, I'm Eldan, I've been working on various projects, the largest of which to date is the rewrite of the Arcane Magic system in my signature. My Skype is eldan985.

    To be suggested by members.
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